Lorri LeBlanc, CRMC - 94.1 CJOC Marketing Consultant

Certified Radio Marketing Consultant in Lethbridge, AB. 94.1 CJOC Classic Hits. Specializing in Radio Advertising for your Business.

Lorri Leblanc, CRMC

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Radio Advertising for Beginners

Welcome Advertisers! Whether you want to create brand awareness or drive traffic to specific promotion radio advertising offers a high frequency touch point to targeted audiences.

This is a chart of the Customer Decision Marking Journey (CDMJ) and will be one of many tools we will use when partnering to uncover the most strategic tactics to help you achieve your marketing initiatives.

Now, Where To Begin?

   •Step 1:
Customer Consultation


•Goal of the customer consultation is to see how we can help you achieve your marketing objectives.
•We will partner in a genuine conversation to understand your business landscape.

   •Step 2: 
Campagin Creation


•After the initial consultation I will begin creating the proposal that will outline all the tactics we will utilise in achieving your objectives.

   •Step 3:
Buisness Recommendation


•Once the proposal is created I will present it in full including an overview of your initial objective, any concerns you have and any relevant constraints.

   •Step 4:


•Following the agreement to the proposal we begin the execution, where we will partner to generate and produce the creative.

   •Step 5:
Follow up  


 •During your campaign and upon its completion we will be in contact to ensure it is executed appropriately •After the campaign with your permission, I would like to meet again and discuss the results in depth.

Who Can Benefit From Strategic Radio?

 Businesses that are;  
  • New
  • In Saturated Markets/Industries
  • Introducing New Products/Services
  • Trying to Increase Brand Awareness
  • Repositioning Themselves
  • Looking to Change Public Perception
  • Trying to Drive Traffic for a Specific Event