Faber Sharpening Lethbridge

Faber Sharpening Coaldale east of Lethbridge. We specialize in sharpening & service of woodworking & professional tools, as well as household & garden items & much more.

Faber Sharpening Ltd.

Faber Sharpening in Lethbridge is committed to the process of creating or refining a sharp edge of appropriate shape on a tool or implement designed for cutting. Sharpening is reached by grinding away material on the implement with an abrasive substance which is harder than the material of the implement. Depending on the tools being sharpened, Faber Sharpening will polish the sharp surface to increase smoothness and correct small mechanical deformations without involving regrinding process.

Faber Sharpening east of Lethbridge Products and Services:

  • Band saws
  • Carbide blades
  • Circular blades
  • Router bits
  • Planner blades & Profile cutters
  • Kitchen Knives & scissors
  • Hole saws
  • Paper cutters
  • Animal clipper blades
  • Garden tools, lawn mower blades
  • Skate sharpening
  • Meat grinding Knives and plates
  • Meat equipment & parts
  • Dehider blades & wellsaws

Brand Carried:

  • FS Tool
  • Dimar Canada
  • Royce/Ayr
  • Geisser Knives
  • Galt Wood Tool
  • Freeborn
  • Lenox
  • Freeborn Tool
  • Jarvis Industries
  • Kentmaster Mfg.
  • Equipment Distributing of America


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