Lifetimes Preserved

Organizing & Scanning photos, slides & film to digital. Old photograph restoration & repair in Lethbridge Southern Alberta.

Welcome To Lifetimes Preserved

Lifetime moments have been captured by the old brownie camera, Polaroids, movie or video cameras or even with today’s cellphones.

Letters and journals have given way to Email, status posts, and tweets.  The records of a lifetime (no matter the format) are priceless.

All lives have the common characteristics of birth and death with days in between. Like the ebb and flow of tides, our lives contain bouyant moments of joy contrasted with dark days of sadness; successes and failures;  vibrancy, dreariness, hopes and dreams.

Though personal experiences vary, YOUR life is valuable and IS worth recording in today’s digital format.

We offer you encouragement and assistance in organizing your archives of photos, slides, and memorabilia, bringing your special memories into the digital age.

Personal, professional service combined with our passionate care is here to benefit you and your loved ones – Now and in the Future.

Contact us to ensure the preservation of your precious memories!


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